We reserve the right to refuse services if our services would violate our religious convictions which not only guide our spiritual lives but also how we run this business. 
needed for our book services
Your book's final manuscript
"Final" means that it has been edited and proofread. While we are happy to edit and format your document even if it is a draft edition, it will be more cost effective for you to provide us a final copy. If you don't provide us a final copy then our editorial rates apply. We're happy to fix up to 30 typos for free within 10 days of sending you the final product, otherwise editorial rates apply. See rates for "Editing (not copyediting or proofreading)" below.
You may provide your manuscript in any of these formats: HTML, Word DOC/DOCX, RTF, Pages, WordPerfect, InDesign. Even PDF is okay but may require editorial rates depending on the shape of the text after it's extracted.
A few other items
We will need a few other items for our services, such as the ebook's cover, an agreement for how to pay, etc. These vary based on what you want and so will be communicated up front.
Review your final product
After we send you the final product, you need to review it and communicate any errors that you may find within 10 days. We will fix up to 30 typos from you manuscript for free within that same 10 days (see details in "Your book's final manuscript" above).
Our Book services Include
For all books
     • Customized design & styling
     • 100% standards-compliance
     • TOC for Print or Navigational TOC for eBook
     • An eBook PDF for Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) editions (gladly provided upon request)
For eBooks
     • Embedded fonts and break ornaments
     • Embedded, properly sized cover art
     • Accurate ePub metadata
     • ePub validation and MOBI spec compliance
Our Book services Provide
     • Free initial design consultation
     • Price quote and detailed invoice based on your design needs, ideally after seeing your manuscript
     • Project timeline accounting for your deadlines
     • A final product specific to your services (commonly ePub for eBook and PDF for print/POD)
Price rates & fees
Book Design
     Simple text pages - few images and few text styling features. Novels usually fit here.
          Print Interior & Fixed-Layout eBook, $1.50/1000 words but minimum $200
          Standard eBook, $1.25/1000 words but minimum $150
     Complex text pages - headings/subheadings, references, footnotes/endnotes, glossary, bibliography index, etc.
          Print Interior & Fixed-Layout eBook, $2/1000 words but minimum $300
          Standard eBook, $1.75/1000 words but minimum $200
     Complex images pages - memoirs, art/photography books, coffee table books
          Print Interior & Fixed-Layout eBook, $7/image + $2/1000 words but minimum $400
          Standard eBook, please request a quote
     More complex pages - highly specialized layout such as illustrated books
          please request a quote

Other Book-related Rates and Fees
     Book Cover design, $250
     ePub editions and validation troubleshooting, $20/hour prorated but minimum $50
     Editing (not copyediting or proofreading)
          < 30 typographic changes, free (only for services we provided and only within 10 days of us sending final product)
          editorial changes, $20/hour prorated but minimum $20
     Promotional Flyer (one-sheet, sell-sheet), $25/hour prorated but minimum $25
Logo design,  $250
PDF Business forms design,  $25/hour prorated but minimum $25
Other business designs
     Business cards, letterhead/envelopes, presentations, email-ers, newsletters, please request a quote
Image Editing,  $25/hour prorated but minimum $25
Special Pricing
     First-time customers, discount 20%
     Subsequent titles using same design, discount 20%
     Multiple titles, discount 20%
     Standard eBook combined with fixed layout, discount 66% but minimum $50
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