Wynoochee is focused on readability, allowing the reader to be engulfed in the story without distraction. As such it is designed for fiction and literary non-fiction with minimal complex text or image features.
Wider letter-spacing and line-spacing
Increases readability even for print books but particularly for onscreen reading. Works well in low light, for example when setting white text on black background for night reading. Eases readability by allowing the eyes to follow words more comfortably and faster.
Professional appeal for both Print and eBook
Because ebook readers have inconsistent implementation of drop caps, no drop caps. Compliance with publishing standards and validation make your book beautiful for all; author, story, printer and its readers.
Every author is unique. Every story is unique. Wynoochee is customizable for every author’s or story’s prose, nuance and feelings. While readability is focused on the main body text, other aspects of your interior, such as the chapter opener design, front matter or back matter, can be modified without effecting readability. 
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